Here you can find resources such as downloads and other wikis.

Render96 Wiki

The Render96 Wiki is a MASSIVE group project of very talented people working together to doccument various sources of textures and assets. They were a MASSIVE inspiration for me including my knowledge of 90s CG renders, as they don't have much in the ways of other game series outside of Nintendo, and I wanted to doccument more from other beautifully pre-rendered games like Final Fantasy 7 and Resident Evil 2, and also shed light on niche games with incredible looking CG.

Non Principled BSDF Shader for Blender

Made by Render96 to emulate the Blender 2.79 lighting style (and therefore things like standard 3D Max and also Lightwave lighting), very handy little shader for Blender 2.8+.

Sozaijiten has been a very popular texture CD maker since nearly the beginning of 3D Graphics. Alot of companies have used their CDs as textures for their games, namely Nintendo.

It's still unknown as to the lengths of companies using these discs, but I can personally attest to Capcom and Square Enix using them.

Mobygames is the most useful database of niche and undiscovered games. A lot of the games archived here only have been doccumented beforehand on this site.